ML32-1 Series 6kA

ML32-1 Series 6kA

  • To protect individual circuit against overload, short circuit and earth leakage faults.
  • Compact and easy installation

Design according to: IEC 61009-1/IEC 61009-2-2
Rated voltage (Ue): 240V~
Rated current (In): 6-32A
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Tripping curve: B, C (IEC60898-1)
Energy limiting class: 3
Rated breaking capacity (lcn): 6kA
RCD characteristics: Type A, Type AC (IEC 61008-2-2)
Rated sensitivity current (l∆n): 10, 30, 100mA
Degree of protection: IP20
Electrical and mechanical endurance: ≥2000 operating cycles

Terminal capacity: 1-10 mm²
Mounting installation: DIN rail 50022

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